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Hearing Committee

The Sole purpose of the Committee is to listen to Homeowners, when they object or feel
they should not be fined. The Committee HAS NO INVOLVEMENT in determining if a
violation is or has occurred, nor do they have any responsibility for determining the Fine

 The Association Manager performs bi-monthly inspections of the Community, takes notes and photographs any use restrictions observed, OR ,the Manager receives a complaint from a homeowner, accompanied by a photograph of a use restriction violation noted by the homeowner.
 The first time a violation is noted, the Manager sends a friendly reminder to the
homeowner bringing the issue to their attention and asking for their compliance.
 The next time the violation is repeated, the Owner is sent a NOTICE OF INTENT TO FINE,
by regular and certified mail, giving them 14 days notice of our intent to fine them, and
giving them an opportunity for a hearing before the Hearing Committee. A Hearing date
and time is scheduled and included in the notice.
 If the homeowner does not respond or attend the Hearing, the fine is automatic. A notice of the fine assessed and an invoice for payment are sent to the homeowner. If the
homeowner still refuses to comply with the documents, the next step would be to send
them to the Association Attorney for Injunctive Relief.
 If the homeowner attends the hearing, they will discuss, with the Committee, why they feel they should not be fined. The Committee has the option to approve the fine, deny the fine completely, or, based on the Owners explanation of why they have not yet complied, may give the owner additional time to comply before implementation of the fine.

The Association Board of Directors and the Hearing Committee, as an extension of the Board, have a fiduciary responsibility to enforce the restrictions of your Documents. Unfortunately there are times when fining an owner is necessary. All owners must be treated the same. A fine should not be waived or delayed for an owner without good reason, as the next owner with the same issue will expect, and should receive, the same treatment.

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